Healthy Eating Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

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Healthy Eating Policy





This policy was developed by the parents, staff and members of the Board of Management of Barntown N.S. The present policy was formulated as a result of a review and updating of our original policy. Members of the Student Council were consulted in this process. This policy is supported by an informative and easy to use ‘Healthy Eating’ pamphlet which has been produced by our Parents’ Association.




This policy aims to promote healthy eating habits in our school thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. What people eat is known to be a key factor in influencing health. Research indicates a strong link between diet and performance. We would like all our children to understand that healthy food provides many benefits including; concentration for school, healthy teeth and energy to play and participate in sports.



Ø To ensure that we are giving consistent messages about food and health.

Ø To give our pupils the information they need to make healthy choices.

Ø To promote health awareness and encourage all our children to eat healthily.

Ø To actively encourage children to bring healthy lunches to school.

Ø To enhance awareness of our Green School’s programme.



Healthy lunches: (Please read the Healthy Eating Pamphlet produced by our Parents’ Association which is an excellent resource in this area (providing tips and suggestions for yummy lunches)




Lunches should be composed of a variety of foods and include at least one item from the different food groups.



Ø A sandwich, pitta breads, rolls with a variety of healthy fillings, bread and crackers both brown and white.

Ø Pasta/Rice

Ø All kinds of fruit and vegetables

Ø Milk, water, fruit juices and diluted (sugar free) drinks.

Ø Yoghurt, fromage frais and yoghurt drinks. (Age appropriate parents’ discretion)





Healthy Snacks:


  • Flapjacks/ plain biscuit
  • Wholemeal scone
  • Fruit
  • Vegetable sticks e. carrot, cucumber, pepper, celery with/without humous
  • Dried fruit e.g. raisins, sultanas, apricot
  • Small sugar free jelly pot




It is important for younger children that fruit and vegetables are in bite size pieces and that drinks etc. are in easy to open containers



Treat Day

Friday is our treat day. On this day children can include one treat item in their lunch box e.g. chocolate biscuit, treat size bar etc.



Foods that are not allowed at any time:

Ø Fizzy drinks

Ø Chewing gum

Ø Crisps and crisp type foods (including popcorn)



Green schools guidelines in relation to lunches


Our Green School Motto is ‘Be Aware, Right Now Think On, and Waste Nothing.’ To support our ongoing Green School’s programme pupils/parents are asked to do the following:

Ø All uneaten food, packaging, wrappers and cartons are to be taken home in lunch boxes.

Ø Lunches to be brought to school in recyclable containers.

Ø For safety reasons cans and glass bottles are not permitted.



Roles and Responsibilities:


Role of Parents

Ø To provide a healthy well-balanced lunch for children.

Ø To encourage healthy eating.

Ø To inform the school in writing of any child’s special dietary needs.

Ø To support the school policy by not allowing their children to bring unhealthy foods or drinks or those prohibited into school.

Ø To support the Green Schools guidelines above.



Role of Children


Ø To eat their lunch.

Ø To bring home any uneaten lunch.

Ø To help make their lunches and remind parents of the Healthy Lunch Policy.

Ø To follow the Green Schools guidelines above.



Role of School


Ø To promote and encourage healthy eating.

Ø To support our policy lessons on healthy eating which will be delivered under the SPHE programme.

Ø To provide adequate time for children to eat their lunch indoors.

Ø To arrange an annual ‘Healthy Eating week’.

Ø To promote school milk scheme.

Ø To contact parents/guardians if children are in school without a lunch.


Teachers may continue to give children a sweet treat on occasions in recognition of work done etc. However sweet treats will be used prudently by teachers.



Success Criteria:


Effectiveness of the policy

Ø Observation of improvement in consumption of healthy foods in lunches.

Ø Feedback from parents/ pupils through an annual survey compiled by the PA.

Ø Whole school community working together to promote the progress of this policy.



Our school has had a healthy eating policy in place since 2004. This revised policy will be implemented immediately following its ratification by the Board of Management and approval by the Parents’ Association.



Ratification and Communication:

This revised policy was ratified by the Board of Management at its meeting on 22nd May 2017. It has been communicated to all staff and pupils and can be down loaded from the school website. It will be promoted as part of the SPHE programme and its importance stressed on enrolment and when opportunities arise to address the parent body. It will be monitored and formally reviewed in 2019.